Day 12: Toronto, pt. 2


Yesterday we played a show at the Horseshoe Tavern in downtown Toronto.

I had a Tim Horton’s Beyond Sausage™ Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich.

In the afternoon Tristan and I went shopping for new running shoes. I couldn’t make up my mind but Tristan bought a pair of Merrell trail shoes that look pretty slick.

We went for a short run in the Don Valley and saw the Rainbow tunnel and an excellent rail bridge.

The mural on this old railway tunnel was the work of B.C. Johnson who painted it as a memorial to a friend who passed away. Each time the Parks department painted over it he would repaint it, until eventually it was embraced by the city.

Jono scored a strong plus one for bringing fruit out to us during soundcheck, but left the race as confidentially as he entered it by leaving the leftover fruit onstage for the whole gig.Tristan found us a great Thai restaurant for dinner and afterwards we played the hottest gig of our lives.

There were almost 500 people crammed into a club with a low ceiling and no air conditioning. I had sweat dripping from my bass guitar.

Liz said “it was like playing inside a freshly baked loaf of bread”.

Tristan said “it was like playing in a sauna”.

Liz said “it was like playing inside an armpit”.

Jono said “I think I need new jeans”.

Ben won Beth of the day for ordering a poolside beer while sunbathing, buying a new drink bottle lid that isn’t noisy, paying the $5 membership fee at MEC in order to buy the drink bottle lid and saving Tristan from having to become a member to purchase his new shoes, and finally for sorting out Girl Friday’s tshirt box into different sizes.

Good job Ben, the $5 was worth it for the lifetime warranty on that drink bottle lid.

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