Day 6/7: Glasgow


It is Sunday 27th January 2019, around 6pm, and we are currently driving to Nottingham having just spent a night and day in Glasgow.

Our gig yesterday in Glasgow was very well received by the local crowd. We played the 02 Academy – a 2,500 capacity venue that is just south of the Glasgow City Centre.

Today we had a slow start. We first visited the Necropolis, a beautiful cemetery established in the 1830s that features large and elaborate tombstones and mausoleums housing many of the city’s richest and most important figures. The cemetery lies on a hill overlooking the city and is right next to the oldest building in Scotland, the 800 year old Glasgow Cathedral.

We had quite a late breakfast today but it was worth the wait. I had baked eggs with pork and fennel sausages and cannellini beans.

Next we headed to the Kelvingrove art gallery and museum. The building houses a huge collection of taxidermy animals as well as galleries with artifacts, paintings, and weapons and armour.

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