Day 6: Whanganui


Yesterday we caught the train from Wellington to Palmerston North and then drove to Whanganui for our show at Space Monster.

I bought my breakfast from the New World at Wellington train station. It was a Broccoli salad.

We boarded the train just before 8am and after two hours of sleeping through all of the spectacular scenery we were deposited on the platform at Palmerston North.

📸 Bob Frisbee

We picked up our rental van and forty minutes of Tristan’s expert-level driving later we were in Gonville, Whanganui, meeting our good friend and host Anthonie Tonnon. Anthonie didn’t waste any time and straight away took us on a guided tour Gonville and the surrounding suburbs, focusing on the tram routes enjoyed by the residents of Whanganui back in it’s glory days.

📸 Frank James Denton.

The tour culminated in the seaside suburb of Castle Cliffs with a lunch stop at Citadel cafe. Next we picked up some equipment for the show and headed to the venue where for the next few hours Bob worked extremely hard to piece together a working sound system from the bits and pieces at the venue. He did an amazing job and the show sounded great. Anthony played an incredible set to open the show up and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing a small and intimate room.Beth of the day goes to Anthonie for great tour guiding, an excellent lunch recommendation, organising a fantastic show, and for hosting us in his beautiful Art Deco bungalow.