Day 3: Christchurch


Yesterday we drove back up to Christchurch and played a show at Blue Smoke.

We were so endowed with the previous morning’s breakfast that we headed back to Precinct to sample more dishes from their enticing menu. This time I ordered the sriracha chilli scrambled eggs with parsley, parmesan, crispy shallots, orange chilli oil, lime creme fraiche, and a side of confit thyme mushrooms.

Tristan was in the driver’s seat for the first half of the journey and took us all the way to our favourite bakery on the outskirts of Timaru. Sadly Davo’s Fishing Hunting N Good Coffee was closed but we cheered up a bit when we saw the giant bacon and egg pie on display at Ubake.

Midway through the afternoon we arrived at Blue Smoke and bashed out a quick soundcheck before heading to check in with our wonderful host Russell, father to two thirds of New Zealand’s best band Hans Pucket. We also took the time to catch up with Fritz who I’m proud to announce has recently been named Dog Of The Nation. Congratulations Fritz!

Driving through Christchurch we were thrilled to spot a real life cricket game and cross that box off the tour photo bingo list.

As well as getting to play alongside the fabulous Mousey again we were joined for this show by our friends A.C. Freezy who sounded disturbingly good.

It was a low scoring day yesterday with none of the Beths getting any points up on the board. Luckily though there was someone who didn’t seem to be frittering away their time on this earth, and that was Bob Frisbee who ordered and ate two meals at breakfast, and only wore one tshirt for the whole weekend without smelling bad.

Congratulations Bob, we look forward to having you along for the rest of the tour.

Just a gentle reminder that the Tawaki remains the best option on which to spend your Bird Of The Year vote. Did you know that they are a very secretive bird, building their nests in caves and crevasses, under tree logs, and in near impenetrable vegetation. Don’t hesitate, go out and vote.

📸 Colin Miskelly