Day 15: Singapore, pt 2


Yesterday we enjoyed another day in Singapore. In the afternoon we did a promo video for Bandwagon Media and in the evening we explored Little India.

I started my day with a a French toast set.

Tristan and I went for a walk in the morning intending to visit the Singapore National Gallery. Instead we looked around an old shopping mall. The real achievement of our trip though was getting to see the Peninsula Plaza building.

Completed in 1980 this 32 storey tower is designed with a system of perimeter columns which together with a framed internal structure create an interior that is almost column free, allowing for easy internal reconfiguration.

While we were out and about I was also trying to see how many security cameras I could get into one photograph. Here is my first attempt with nine.

Nick took us out to lunch at a great vegetarian restaurant near our hotel and afterwards we went to UNIQLO. Again.

Next we headed to the Whampoa Food Centre for our promo video. We played three songs in the middle off the dining area while all the diners enjoyed the delicous-looking food. There were no drums and bass so Tristan played an old biscuit tin and I played a small glass mug with a teaspoon, which I quickly mastered.

📸 cyrusomgee

The Bandwagon team took us around the market afterwards, treating us to some of their favourite local foods. We tried cane juice, fresh jack fruit, dragon fruit, longan, and egg tart.

It was back to the hotel for us next, where we took a couple of hours to rest and freshen up. Tristan walked to pick up some photos he had dropped off at a developer earlier. Please take a minute to enjoy a small and pleasant selection that Tristan was kind enough to throw together at the last second.

To get to Little India we rode aboard Singapore’s glorious metro, specifically the brand new Downtown Line, the longest line in the world to use fully automated, driverless trains.

Arriving there we were met with bustling shops and spectacular lights hung across the main street in preparation for next week’s Diwali festival.

Tristan risked his life to capture this dynamic shot.

And also a street corner hung with twelve security cameras.

We explored for a while and eventually found a restaurant we all agreed on where we sat down for a hearty round of curries.

After dinner we went out for drinks with Nick before returning to the hotel for a classic wind-down game of Mariocart. I’m pleased to announce that I beat reining champion Liz, but I’m also sad to announce that after a short and brilliant career I have decided to retire from Mariocart to pursue other interests.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for graciously losing at Mariocart.

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