Day 14: Singapore


Yesterday we woke up at an ungodly hour to catch our flight to Singapore. We did some light sightseeing in the afternoon and then headed to Decline for our show.

Our flight was at 6.30am so we left the hotel at 3.30 to allow for a relaxing check-in and plenty of time to get through security.

It was lucky we did because on this day Tristan was the only person to make it through unscathed. Jonathan even lost a additional point for also getting pulled up at the automated passport control.

For breakfast I ate a toasted poppy seed roll filled with spinach, sweet potato, brie, and sundried tomato.

Jonathan earned a point for ordering a glass of bubbles with breakfast, and getting the day started.

Liz earned a point for using the massage chair in the departure lounge.

The flight was short and comfortable. I slept most of the way aside from spending a few minutes attempting to play ‘Siberia‘, one of the puzzle games on the in-flight entertainment system.

We were met at the airport by Nick from Bandwagon Media, who was nice enough to take us to our hotel and then immediately out to a superb local restaurant for lunch.


He then took us to Marina Bay where we caught a glimpse of the Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

We headed to Decline early in the evening and after a breezy soundcheck watched Bad Dod play a fiery opening set.

Our set was fun. The audience were amazing and knew the lyrics to all the songs.

After the show Liz earned a strong point for making friends with one of the younger audience members.

Soon after she earned another extremely strong point with a round of surprise drinks for everyone.

Chrysanthemum tea.

Bandung Rose.


Beth of the day goes to Liz. She organised the baggage so we came to within one kg of our weight allowance, used the massage chair, formally met a child, and curated a fabulous round of surprise drinks.

A clean sweep Liz, fabulous stuff.

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Singapore”

      1. Our governing committee will thus approve the award. We also note that Tristan is a kick-ass drummer. Probably connected to his excellent power to weight ratio.


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