Day 9: Adelaide


Yesterday we woke up at 3am to catch an early flight to Adelaide. We slept through the afternoon and then in the evening played a show at Jive.

Most of us managed a couple of hours sleep before we dragged ourselves out of bed and into a taxi bound for the airport. This time it was Jon and Tristan who fell prey to the magic bomb sniffing wands.

For breakfast I ate a spinach and feta roll. Liz also had one and observed that it likely had potato in it too.

When we landed in Adelaide Tristan headed off to visit renowned cymbal maker Craig Lauritsen and pick up his brand new 55.88cm ride as well as a 48.26cm crash for Callum Passells.

Liz, Jon, and I headed to the hotel and slept until we had to wake up for soundcheck.

The show at Jive was pretty good. There were a couple of severe hecklers but Liz is a pro and kept things moving. Oscar the Wild opened up the show and did an amazing job. Here is a clip of them in action.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for borrowing the hotel luggage trolley to cart our gear half a kilometre down the road to the venue.

Nice one Ben, I’m glad someone had the courage to stand up and fight back against Jono.

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