Day 10: Perth


Yesterday we arrived in Perth, Liz’s spiritual hometown. In the afternoon we spent a few hours relaxing (chillin’) before heading to Badlands Bar to play our final Australian show of the year.

We had a strong start to the day yesterday when thanks to a really good pack we managed to fit all of us plus our gear into a single uber xl on the way to the airport.

Sadly I soon let the team down at airport security by getting singled out for an explosives check.

For breakfast I ate a spinach and mushroom toastie and a duffin filled with hazelnut spread.

Tristan made the most of our free afternoon going for a 5.8km run and crossing the Swan River on his favourite Perth structure, the Matagarup Bridge.

Completed in 2018 the Matagarup is a pedestrian suspension bridge with a total length of 370m and a longest span of 160m. The structural shape is built to resemble two flying swans, with the bridge arches representing the wishbones, but it can also be seen as a swimming dolphin, a Wagyl serpent or a ribbon.

Badlands Bar is described by Google as ‘unpretentious bar & live music venue featuring rock bands, a large beer garden & food trucks’. Sadly there was only one food truck on the premises but there were some great rock bands including the two bands who supported us, Teen Angst, and Tether, the latter of which you can see a clip of below.

This was the first venue we have played that features stalactites as part of the decor. Apparently there used to also be a volcano too but unfortunately it was removed to create standing room in front of the stage.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan. He made everyone soda and limes during soundcheck, and then he and Liz took all the gear back to the hotel after the show so Tristan and I could stay for a drink.

Soundcheck drinks is an easy point but you still won this one fair and square Jon, keep it up.

1 thought on “Day 10: Perth”

  1. Kudos to Ben for using the correct geological term for those cone-shaped ceiling adornments. No detail escapes you, sir.


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