Day 7: Sydney, pt 5


Yesterday we went out to breakfast with our booking agent Casey. In the evening Tristan and I took advantage of the late night Wednesday at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and afterwards popped into a couple of jazz gigs before heading home.

Breakfast was at End of King cafe in Newtown. I had a Sal’s Brekkie which contained polenta chips, mushrooms, kale, poached egg, slivered almonds, goat’s cheese and toast.

In the afternoon Tristan and I went for a run. Tristan had an incredible bout of luck with the traffic lights and didn’t have to stop a single time.

Late in the afternoon we caught a 438 bus to museum station and then a T3 train to Circular Key where we bought icecreams and enjoyed seeing some top quality sunlight stream onto the opera house and the harbour bridge.

Next we visited the art museum which unfortunately only had one gallery open but was still incredible.

We went to two gigs in the evening, the first being Godrigu Ez & Friends performing at Mary’s Underground and the second a guitar trio at Venue 505 featuring Carl Dewhurst, James Waples, and Cameron Undy.

Tristan and I both lost points yesterday for being twenty minutes late for breakfast. Jon earned a point for working on his day off, finishing a demo recording for a funding application. Liz was also working on said recording but sadly lost a point after it was discovered that she had read the deadline wrong and that it wasn’t due until well after we returned home.

Solid work Jono, your sacrifice was not in vain.

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