Day 5: Sydney pt. 3


Yesterday we had a day off. Tristan and I went for a run, went shopping, and had a business meeting.

Tristan and I both enjoyed a ferocious sleep-in before heading to breakfast at a cafe across from our hotel.

I had Udon soup with tempura vegetables.

Afterwards we went for a run up to Jubilee park where I was fortunate enough to spot my bridge of the day.

The Glebe Island Bridge is a steel swing-span road bridge that crosses Rozelle bay. It was completed in 1903 and operated until 1995 until it was made redundant by the opening of the adjacent Anzac Bridge. It has a total length of 108m and a longest span of 58m, and is swung with a 600v electric motor giving it a transition time of only 44 seconds.


In the afternoon we went shopping in the city. I bought new jeans and Tristan bought an orange tshirt.

We followed up a great shopping trip with a cosy dinner date at Chinese Noodle Restaurant.

The rest of our evening was spent in a casual long-form meeting with Nathan, our A&R representative from Dew Process records.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan for ordering a surprise round of espresso martinis just when it counted most.

Great intuition Tristan, well done.

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