Day 4: Sydney, pt 2


Yesterday we drove to Wollongong and played at Yours and Owls festival.

We started our day with a beautiful breakfast of Shakshuka cooked by Liz’s sister Novita and her partner Daniel. I forgot to take a photo before I started eating so please excuse the carnage.

We relaxed for a few hours in the afternoon before driving down the M1 to Wollongong and checking into the festival.

My highlight of the day was playing an incredibly fun set to a very loose crowd at the RAD stage. My extremely close second favourite moment was watching Courtney Barnett rip it up on the main stage. The lowest part of my day was when the bar served me a really weak whisky and ginger ale and the plastic cup had quite a scrapy edge and the ice was too small.

Noone earned any points yesterday so Tristan and I have worked hard to find any infringements that might separate the pack. Liz lost a point for not doing very well at Crash Bandicoot, leaving her on minus one. Jonathan lost a point for drinking a Cooper’s as did Tristan, and Tristan lost another point for driving across the middle of several low profile roundabouts on the way home leaving him on minus two. Luckily for Ben his conduct throughout the day was airtight and he took the win with a pleasing score of zero.

Congratulations Ben on playing a tight defensive game and getting the victory you deserve.

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