Day 3: Sydney


Yesterday we flew up to Sydney and played a show at the Crowbar.

I started my day with a modest breakfast of leftover guacamole on toast.

At Melbourne airport Liz scored an unfortunate minus one for getting randomly selected for explosives screening.

On the approach into Sydney I had a great view of the harbour bridge which instantly earned the bridge of the day accolade.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a through arch design meaning that the base of the arch structure is below the roadway and the top of the arch extends above it. The roadway passes through the arch and is supported from above by cables or beams.

It was constructed between 1923 and 1932 by a British firm Dorman and Co and used 52,000 tonnes of steel, 80% of which was imported from England. It has a longest span of 503m and a total length of 1,149m, and currently carries eight lanes of vehicle traffic and two rail tracks.

In the year of the opening, there was a steep rise in babies being named Archie and Bridget in honour of the bridge (citation needed).

Tristan earned his first point of the day at Sydney airport after finally snagging a catch on the piece of drummer-bait he has been dangling for the past few days; a DIY modification that turns his snare case and cymbal case into a single luggage item.

We rented a car at the airport and drove into the city where Liz and Jon went off to do a radio show while Tristan and I checked into our hotel and went on a quick lunch date before heading to soundcheck.

We played to a room of 450 at the Crowbar in Leichart. Bonnie Songs opened up the night with a mesmerising set of experimental folk, decorated with serene vocal loops and colourful accompaniments from the band.

Major Leagues did a superb job as usual and we played a respectable set inspired by the top-tier sandwhiches the venue had supplied us with for dinner.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for eating instant ramen for breakfast and for buying me a loaf of sourdough from the bakery.

Well done Jon for a textbook job taking great care of yourself and those around you.

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