Day 2: Melbourne, pt. 2


Yesterday we visited Milk Records HQ, had lunch with Jen Cloher, and played another show at the Gaso.

We started the day with a tasty breakfast put together by some of the most talented culinary minds in the Beths. Liz made her legendary scrambled eggs, Tristan cooked hash browns and toast, and Jonathan muddled together a superb guacamole. This was all served alongside smoked salmon from a packet, blueberries, and strawberries.

Sadly Jonathan’s blissful breakfast boon was tainted when he burnt his fingers on a pot handle, earning a strong minus one.

In the afternoon we headed out to meet Jen Cloher at the headquarters of Milk Records in Coburg. Jen is a fantastic singer-songwriter and also the co-founder of Milk, which is home to such artists as Tiny Ruins, Sleater-Kinney and Courtney Barnett.

Tristan has a go on a small camera as Jen watches on, unimpressed by his antics.

She took us to one of her favourite local spots for lunch and then showed us all up by ordering the best thing on the menu and eating it very slowly in a calculated display of power and dominance.

The crowning achievement of the afternoon was buying a Square reader after finding out that our other card reader doesn’t work in Australia. Welcome to the family Mr Square 🙂

The show was very similar to the previous night, and we enjoyed the attentive and respectful audience, and superb performances from both Major Leagues and Tamara & The Dreams.

It was a big day for winning and losing points yesterday. Jon, Liz, and Tristan all scored early for making breakfast but the tables turned after Tristan burnt the tongs, and Jon his fingers. Jon clawed his way back to zero though after mitigating the damage to his digits in an hour-long ice bath.

Tristan lost another point for stealing Jon’s fork right as he was about to eat his instant ramen.

I lost a point for taking a bite out of a leftover piece of toast and putting it back on the plate.

I also lost a point for using the rearview mirror of Liz’s car to check my teeth for debris, putting me fairly decisively out of the running.

Liz scored a point for setting up and figuring out how to operate Mr Square and Jon scored another point for sending a prank email to our manager Jake, and another for decanting some of our green room M&Ms into a smaller container for himslf so he wouldn’t contaminate them with his cold germs.

This leaves Jon as the winner on a total of three points, made all the more impressive by a comeback from a minus one.

Congratulations Jon, a great example of goal setting and achieving.

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