Australia and Asia tour | Day 1: Melbourne

Welcome back friends, loyal readers, and loyal friendly readers.

Yesterday we began the Australian leg of the tour, flying to Melbourne and playing a show at The Gasometer.

We met at the airport at 6am and sailed smoothly through check-in and security save for Jonathan’s pedal board being briefly detained.

For breakfast I had Mie goreng, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, fried tomatoe, potato rostis, Miso soup, berry smoothie, and feijoa smoothie.

We arrived at 10am and headed straight to our friend Liz’s house where we were staying. I spent the afternoon having a really good nap and I think everyone else indulged themselves in more useful activities like emails and life admin.

Afterwards we headed over to the ‘Gaso’ venue in Collingwood where we completed an easy soundcheck (if you’re reading this, thanks Julian) and spent a while counting all of our merch stock.

The show was sold out and the room was packed to the gunnals but the audience members were extremely polite, keeping their bodily movements to a minimum and staying silent in between songs.

Tamara & the Dreams opened up the night playing a charming selection of majorly-catchy indie rock songs and Major Leagues followed up with a delicious set of jangly dream-pop.

Tamara & the Dreams.

Liz Stokes (The Beths).

📸 Ana Dobson

Ben Sinclair (The Beths).

📸 Ana Dobson

Beth of the Day goes to Liz (Stokes) for making avocado toast for everyone’s lunch.

Congratulations on drawing first blood!

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