Day 19: Manchester


Yesterday we drove north on the M5 and M6 to Manchester, where we played a show at Gorilla.

We grabbed breakfast just down the road from the End Of The Road at the Chettle Village Store.

I had a Morrocan Lamb pie.

We took a small detour on the route North to be able to tick ‘Henge’ off of the tour photo bingo list.

It is worth mentioning that Tristan and I actually spotted a henge in Kansas City but unfortunately it wasn’t eligible because we didn’t have enough band members in attendance.

We were all dog-tired after a poor night’s sleep in a freezing tent so I would like to nominate Tristan for a point for staying awake and being a great co-driver, so the others could nap in the back seat. He provided valuable navigational skills and great DJing, and ensured a timely and safe arrival in Manchester.

Our show at Gorilla was one of the most difficult ones we’ve had in a while, with the understage subwoofers obscuring every last shred of recognisable pitch and leaving us floundering in the dark. Luckily Liz has memorised how to sing in tune so I think we came across okay.

It was also a very sad night because we had to say an emotional goodbye to our friends in Peaness. They have been an absolute delight to tour with and they delivered amazing performances night after night without fail.

We love having the opportunity to meet and make new friends and it is with a heavy heart that we wave goodbye to them and head to our final show in Glasgow.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan for great co-driving, for getting a chicken to go on to his leg, and for eating a pie and a sausage roll for breakfast.

Thanks Tristan, we’d be falling apart without you at this point.

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