Day 15: Rotterdam to London


After our Amsterdam show we stayed in Rotterdam so yesterday we drove from there to Dunkirk to take the ferry across the channel. We had dinner in Dover and then drove right over to London, arriving late in the evening.

I had a reasonably balanced breakfast of egg on toast, jam on toast, cucumber, tomato, olives, plums, and mandarin.

I went for a quick run down to the waterfront and enjoyed enjoyed seeing a merry marina, a trim tram, and a rather comely cable-stayed bridge.

Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge) is a cable-stayed bridge that crosses the New Meuse in Rotterdam. Designed by Ben van Berkel it was completed in 1996 and is 802m long with a longest span of 284m. It also features an 89m bascule section that is the largest of it’s type in western Europe.

We happened to drive over the Erasmusbrug on our way out of Rotterdam and were fortunate enough to witness the bascule span in action.

The early evening ferry ride was beautiful and we enjoyed the view from the aft deck while sipping pints of John Smith’s, the beer that champions everyday ordinary folks that are actually anything but.

Boarding the ferry.

Leaving Dunkirk port.

Arriving back in Dover.

Back in Dover we had an enjoyable exploration of English food culture, eating dinner at a Weatherspoon’s pub. After dinner we were treated to a substantial M2 detour which landed us back in London just before eleven o’clock.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for eating cup noodles for breakfast and for great podcast DJing during the evening drive.

Well done Liz, even though the noodles were terrible it was the intent that counts.

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