Day 14: Amsterdam


Yesterday we spent the morning in Eindhoven completing a birthday activity for Tristan before driving to Amsterdam for our show at the Paradiso.

It was Tristan’s birthday yesterday but he still overachieved by waking up early to buy everyone croissants and coffee.

For breakfast I had a croissant.

The secret birthday activity that Liz had planned was an escape room called The Suspicious Farmhouse. Thanks to Tristan’s cool leadership we managed to solve a heinous crime and escape from the room with two minutes to spare.

We went to a nearby pub for lunch and watched the Blackcaps deliver Tristan the best birthday present he could hope for with their win against Sri Lanka.

A nice aggressive field setting as off-spinner Will Somerville helps to roll up the tail order of Sri Lanka’s batting line-up.

We played in the upstairs room of the Paradiso to a sold-out crowd of 250, and Peaness played a wicked opening set.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for organising a cool birthday celebration for Tristan, and for this point which I didn’t observe but it’s on the list so I’m sure it was impressive and deserving.

Well done Liz, a good wholesome win for taking care of those around you.

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