Day 11: Nuremberg


Yesterday we left our accommodation at 7.30am and drove seven hours to Nuremberg. We sadly bidded farewell to Peaness for a day as our show at Kantine was with two other bands, Static Means from Leipzig and Decibelles from Lyon.

We had breakfast at a Serways and I had a bread roll with fish, cucumber, egg, and lettuce.

Along the way we listened to some of the new Taylor Swift album Lover but found it a bit stressful to drive to.

Our Windows ME inspired stereo system.

We arrived at the venue early but our soundcheck didn’t happen for almost two hours as the sound engineer had never used a Soundcraft Si Expression mixing desk before.

Luckily Jono had though, and he earned a strong point by helping the engineer through what would otherwise have been a horrific soundcheck.

The most fearsome poster we have had on this tour so far.

Kantine, the punkest venue we have played on the tour so far.

Static means played a ferocious set of post-punk bangers.

Decibelles followed with a wild set of ‘noisy punk rock indie pop‘ tunes.

We had a pretty rough gig with quite bad sound but we did our best impression of sounding good hopefully pulled it off.

Tristan scored a prank of the day point for this hilarious stunt with my suitcase.

Beth of the day goes to Jono for his soundcheck heroics, and for practising guitar instead of playing cricket.

A well earned win Jono, we would have been in real trouble without you.

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