Day 10: Hamburg


Yesterday we had a big seven hour drive to Hamburg and played a show at Hafenklang.

Our hotel in Luxembourg put on a mean breakfast spread and I made a half-hearted attempt not to serve myself too much food.

On my plate you can see tomato, cucumber, olives pickled fish, picked vegetables, fried capsicum, croissants, and baguette. I also had a bowl of fresh fruit with yoghurt.

Jono powered his way through the first half of the drive until we stopped at a Serways for lunch where Tristan ordered what turned out to be the foamiest macchiato of his life.

Tristan did the second part of the drive and earned a point when he did a good van park at a toilet stop.

We watched some of the second Black Caps – Sri Lanka test and were thrilled to see Colin ‘Big Dad’ de Grandhomme back in the lineup. He bowled some great overs of his special ‘nagging length medium pace’ and brought a magical energy to the field.

In the evening we played a show at Hafenklang, a venue located right by the water opposite the Port of Hamburg. The building itself dates back to 1890 and used to be a horse stable. It now prides itself on being a bastion of independent music culture in an otherwise gentrified area.

There were some great BOTD points scored yesterday. Jono earned a point for good rest-stop management during his drive, stopping at bathroom-only rest areas instead of gas stations and saving us valuable time.

Liz earned a great point for riding a lime scooter to the shops to buy EU power adaptors for our amps.

Ben earned a point after the show for cleaning Liz’s leads and pedal board after an audience member spilled a drink on stage.

The winner however was Tristan for his catastrophic macchiato and his terrific van park.

Well done Tristan for pulling ahead in a competitive and high-achieving day.

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