Day 9: Luxembourg


Yesterday we had a nice late start, getting on the road at 11.30 and driving three hours to our venue Rotondes in Luxembourg.

Shortly after takeoff we made a breakfast stop at a petrol station and I got a bread roll with lettuce and salami.

The drive was uneventful and we didn’t tick anything off the tour photo bingo list. Upon arrival we were met by the Rotondes venue staff who were amazing and helped us do a really quick load in. The room was quite small but had an enormous lighting rig. I asked the lighting engineer to turn them all on at once and he happily obliged me.

After soundcheck we played cricket in the carpark until dinner time. I put some fresh layers of tape on our tennis ball and it is now moving beautifully. Despite that, it was a tough surface to take wickets on and Jonathan had a big innings.

We played a really good show. The audience was aggressively polite but Liz wore them down with her A-level banter until she had them in the palm of her hand. The sound was amazing and it felt fun and easy.

Here is a clip of Peaness demonstrating their commitment to great melodies, great harmonies, and great tempos.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for choosing the healthy dinner option, buying an overpriced round of beer for the band, and getting the lighting technician to turn all of the lights on at once.

Sometimes you just get dealt all the right cards. This time it was you. Well done Ben.

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