Day 8: Köln, pt 2


Yesterday we visited the Kölner Dom and played a show at Subway – Musikbar.

We started off our day by going to breakfast with Chrissy P and Garyun. I had a bagel with mint pesto, tomato and mozzarella. Tristan graciously shared one of his eggs benedicts with me after the cafe got my order wrong.

We farewelled Chrissy and Garyun and headed to the Domplatte where the Cologne Cathedral stands. Tristan and I walked up the 533 stairs of the south tour to enjoy the spectacular view from 97m above the city.

Jono and Liz did the sensible thing and let their breakfast digest at ground level.

In the afternoon Tristan and I played cricket while Liz and Jono made the most of our van’s luxurious lounge area.

My bridge of the day is the Hohenzollern Bridge. It is a tied arch bridge with a longest span of 167m and total length of 409m. It was designed by Friedrick Dirksen and constructed between 1907-1911.

It was destroyed by the German Military Engineers in 1945 when Allied troops began assaulting Cologne, but was rebuilt between 1958-59.

It currently carries six railway tracks and a pedestrian footpath, and sees 1200 trains passing over the bridge daily.

Our show at Subway was a real treat. It was our first show with Peaness and they played a walloping set of Indie-Pop treats. It was a nice small club and we had a terrific time playing to such a small intimate audience.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for waking up early to put the laundry in the dryer, climbing up the cathedral, and counting five boxes of t-shirts.

Lovely work Ben, finally putting that University degree to good use.

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