Day 7: Köln


Yesterday we travelled from Hasselt to Cologne, Germany, and had the rest of the day off. We went to a music store, ate kebabs, drank beer, and watched BBC Planet Earth 2.

We went to a supermarket for breakfast and I walked away with Rasberries, a croissant, and chocolate mousse.

The drive to Cologne was short and sweet, and on entering the city we drove across a magnificent structure, the Rheinbrücke Köln-Rodenkirchen. It is a steel suspension bridge designed by Paul Bonatz and completed in 1941. It was destroyed by an airstrike in 1945 and rebuilt between 1952 and 1954, using only half the amount of steel as the original bridge

In 1990 it was expanded to include an identical bridge alongside it that shares the central cable. It has a longest span of 370m and a total length of 567m. The Cologne-Rodenkirchen Bridge is one of seven bridges that connect Cologne’s neighbourhoods on the East and West banks of the Rhine River.

We headed straight to Music Store professional where Liz and Jono rigorously tested several delay pedals to find a replacement for Liz’s broken one.

Liz walked away with a brand new MXR Carbon Copy and Jono in a jealous fit of rage bought himself a Plus by Gamechanger Audio.

Chrissy P nearly walked away with this miniature Jackson bass but managed to restrain himself.

Chrissy P found us a great Kebab shop for lunch and afterwards we went to a Beer hall for a few local lagers.

In the evening we watched Planet Earth II (7.8/10 rating) narrated by David Attenborough.

Beth of the day goes to Jono for buying himself a great guitar pedal, for opting to buy the a small keg of beer from the supermarket, and for buying hot chips for us in a time of need.

Stunning work Jono, I’m learning new things from you every day.

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