Day 5: Swindon to Willebroek


Yesterday we drove from Swindon to Dover and caught a ferry to Calais. From there we drove up the French coast into Belgium and stayed in the town of Willebroek.

Swindon’s Jury’s Inn put on an impressive breakfast spread and I indulged myself. I had fried egg on toast, baked beans on toast, marmelade on toast, hash brown, tomato, sausage, bacon, fruit with yoghurt, croissant, and pain au chocolate.

On the way to Dover we stopped at Heathrow where Liz scored a plus one for picking up her guitar that had thankfully resurfaced.

The ferry was a pleasant change from the Eurotunnel, taking slightly longer but giving us much more scenery.

The highlight of the crossing was discovering that a half pint of beer cost exactly half the price of a full pint of beer, allowing me to lightly indulge without the sore feeling of losing out on a deal.

We disembarked at Calais and drove up the E40 to Ostend where I scored a point for a good dinner recommendation.

Once we arrived at Willebroek and settled into the hotel it was just after midnight and we headed to the hotel bar to toast Jonathan’s 30th birthday with some delicious Belgian beer.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for buying some really good olives to eat in the van, and for turning thirty.

Congratulations Jono, it feels good not being the only Beth living their fourth decade.

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