Day 3: Trondheim


Yesterday we played at Pstereo festival in the beautiful town of Trondheim, Norway.

We arrived at Trondheim station at 6.30am, sore and sleep-deprived. Luckily we were able to check straight in to our hotel and grab a few extra hours of sleep before the festival.

Unluckily the hotel didn’t let us have the complimentary breakfast so I ended up eating instant noodles and brown bread.

I went for a run and spotted several great bridges.

Verfstbrua (yard bridge) also know as Blomsterbrua (flower bridge) is a steel girder bridge with a retractable middle span. It was designed by Narudde Stokke Wiig and constructed in 2003. It carries two bike lanes and one pedestrian footpath 125m across the Nidelva River.

Gamle Bybro is an 82m wooden bridge designed by Trondheim City Engineer Carl Adolf Dahl and built in 1861. It connects the Old Town of Trondheim with Baaklandet on the Eastern bank of the Nidelva river. It contained a pair of flaps that could be raised to allow the passage of boats, however in the mid 19th century the bridge was reinforced with concrete and they no longer operate.

The Skansen Bridge is a 52m Bascule Railway Bridge that crosses Trondheim Canal. A Bascule Bridge works like a see-saw, using a counterweight to balance the main span as it swings around an axle. In this particular design the span is constructed from iron truss, and the counterweight is suspended in a parallelogram as seen in the far right of the picture. The bridge was designed by Joseph Strauss (Golden Gate Bridge) and completed in 1918.

How the parallelogram operates.

We reluctantly woke up from our naps in the early afternoon and headed to the festival. After a couple of coffees and a great lunch spread we perked right up and managed to pull off a fairly energetic and cohesive performance.

The Pstereo festival grounds as seen from the Eastern bank of the Nidelva River.

I saw a couple of great performances one of which was Oslo band Mall Girl, the other Chicago band Whitney.

Mall Girl.


Beth of the day goes to Liz for a good Instagram story.

I would also like to give Trent Boult an honorable mention for scoring 18 runs and providing an entertaining moment near the end of New Zealand’s innings.

Congratulations to both of you for each finding your own special way to help those around you.

I couldn’t decide on my bridge of the day so I thought I would try opening it up to a poll.

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t seem to have any polling functionality (at least in the mobile app) so I think the easiest way is if you just leave a comment with your answer and I will tally them at the end of the day.

9 thoughts on “Day 3: Trondheim”

  1. The Skansen Bridge gets points for the drama of trapeze mechanics, but u know I have to give my vote to Blomsterbrua (better name) for sustainability efforts re: bike lane & room for humans yada yada


  2. It’s bloody difficult to pick but I love trains and I love steel so I’ll go with the Skansen rail bridge 🚂🌉


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