Day 2: Oslo


Yesterday we slept a lot, and in the evening played a gig at Parkteatret, in central Oslo.

I accidentally woke at 5am so I watched a movie and waited for the hotel breakfast to open.

It was a ripper of a spread and I tried to eat some of everything. On my plate you can see cucumber, capsicum, bacon, small sausage, yellow rice, scrambled egg, egg tortilla, smoked salmon, cured salmon, smoked mackerel, pickled onions, and bread with butter. On the side I had a smoothie and berries with yoghurt. I followed it up with a second course of pancakes and a fruit plate.

After breakfast we watched some of the Black Caps – Sri Lanka test and then napped for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we took a high speed taxi into the city for our soundcheck.

The show was at Parktreatret, an old theatre that has been converted into a live music venue. We were supported by an excellent local band Wingdings who were kind enough to lend their cymbals since Tristan’s are still lost in transit.


If you spot Tristan’s suitcase ‘Big Bluey’ please get in touch with us right away:

We had to rush to the train station as soon as the show finished to catch an overnight train to Trondheim. Tristan watched Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner 2049 starring Ryan Gosling.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for waking up earlier than everyone else to do a radio interview, and for eating instant noodles with a spoon.

Nice one Liz, if you keep approaching life like you approach instant ramen you will be unstoppable.

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