Day 40: Portland


Yesterday we drove the utterly hopeless I-5 from Seattle to Portland to play at Pickathon Festival.

Jono scored an early point for having a secret stockpile of merch items that we had run out of, to give to our host as a gift.

We headed to Ooink for a ramen breakfast and I ordered a Kotteri, which featured a pork broth with a black garlic tare.

Tristan scored a point at breakfast by ordering Gyuoza for the table.

It took us about five hours to get to Portland, the bulk of which was spent getting out of the Seattle city limits.

Throughout the drive we attempted to finish this 1.3kg bag of Tortilla strips that we had been working on since our show in Bend.

I lost a point for missing the exit with a Starbucks and Tristan missed out on his iced coffee with salted cream.

We arrived at Pickathon and checked-in just in time to enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner from the festival kitchen.

Tristan lost a point for losing his festival-issue cup within the first couple of hours of arriving.

Tristan’s replacement cup.

Our back stage area had a UV light.

We played a really fun set at the Galaxy Bar stage and afterwards headed back to the hotel and watched Wallace & Gromit.

Beth of the day goes to Jono for his merch stockpile, and for negotiating with the festival staff so we could park our van in a good spot.

Well done Jono, it’s good to see someone playing the long game.

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