Day 39: Seattle


Yesterday we crossed the border back into the USA and played our last headline show of the tour. We also bidded farewell to Ariel View and Girl Friday and had a few quiet drinks to celebrate.

I caught up with my wonderful cousin Ani de Graaf for breakfast and we went to Noodlebox (it was lunchtime for her). I had a Black Bean & Garlic Box. Thanks for taking the time Ani, even though you had a really important work presentation you should have been preparing for.

This is maybe my worst selfie I’ve ever taken. Sorry Ani, there was so much pressure I just choked up.

I caught a lift to Seattle with Girl Friday because The Beths had left early to check into our accommodation. I had a great time listening to music at a volume much louder than is allowed in the Beths van.

Vera (Girl friday, guitar and vocals) been suffering from low blood sugar and come close to fainting the previous night, so she earned a point for self-care by drinking a huge variety of beverages to recover.

She followed up with another point for holding her bladder for an extraordinary length of time when we couldn’t stop or we would be late for soundcheck.

Things didn’t go so well in the Beths van. Although Jono did score a strong point for his lunch of instant ramen, coffee, and a beer, they got held up at customs for several hours because they didn’t have the right paperwork for the merch.

📸 Tristan Deck.

Despite this setback and the catastrophic Seattle traffic, the gig started on time and it was a juicer of a show. Ariel View and Girl Friday rocked even harder than in any of their previous extremely-hard-rocking performances and it was impossible not to feel inspired after watching them.

Here is a clip of Girl Friday absolutely caning it last night.

🎥 Tristan Deck

We celebrated our last night together with a few drinks at the venue bar which generously stayed open for us. Liz and Vera both earned points for ordering a hamburger which in this case was a tequila shot followed by a shot of Bloody Mary mix and some pickle brine.

Vera Ellen, Nadine Parra (Ariel View), Liz Stokes, and Sierra Scott enjoy a wholesome moment together.

Beth of the day goes to Vera. There were some very strong points earned throughout the day such as Tristan making takeaway breakfasts for everyone from the previous night’s leftover curries, and Ben replacing two strings on Vera’s guitar and paying for Girl Friday’s parking, but it in the end it was all for nothing.

Vera’s multi-beverage self-care regimen, bladder holding, and hamburger shot were all outstanding points, and to top it off she made it through the whole night without any dizzy spells which was a great effort.

Congratulations Vera on your first Beth of the day award. We are sad to leave you but at least we have a better chance of winning again.

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