Day 38: Vancouver


Yesterday we drove eleven hours to Vancouver and played a show at Biltmore Cabaret.

For breakfast I had the Days Inn house blend Granola, served mostly dry because the milk ran out.

It was an unexciting drive but I have to write something so here are the journey highlights.

I spent all of my small change at a gas station.

I captilised on a couple of multi-buy deals and saved Jono two dollars.

Liz drank a 32oz diet Dr Pepper.

I scored a point for getting us across the border without getting stopped.

Tristan did an amazing job of navigating us to the venue after none of our phones’ internet worked in Canada.

My wonderful cousin Katie J left work early to come and watch the show and we managed a quick catch-up afterwards.

After the show Tristan organised some delicious Ethiopian takeout and put together a big spread on the tailgate of the van.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for good DJing, talking through the border crossing, multi-buying, and getting rid of a lot of pennies.

Thanks for to everyone for providing much-needed content.

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