Day 37: Bend, pt 2.


Yesterday we went for a hike to the Green Lakes and played a show at the Volcanic Theatre Pub.

Tristan had thoroughly planned out our day which started with a breakfast stop at Nancy P’s Cafe and Bakery. I had a turkey and pesto sandwhich.

We made it out to the Green Lakes Trailhead (4.8 stars from 45 reviews) nice and early and spent the next few hours enjoying the tranquil forest and happy dogs with backpacks.

The Green Lakes (5 stars from 8 reviews) and the surrounding landscape were spectacular and some of us braved the frigid water for a refreshing swim.

Here are a couple of panoramas for those of you with ultra-wide monitors or VR headsets.

And a few of the beautiful photos that Tristan took.

The show at the Volcanic was surprisingly well attended for a Tuesday night in Bend and a surprising number of the attendees were fairly juiced (this is a new adjective I learnt last night, I hope I’m using it correctly).

Beth of the day goes to Tristan. He woke up early and unloaded all of the gear from the van so we could drive it out to the forest. He scouted a breakfast spot and chose a hike of with an appropriate level of difficulty. He carried my water bottle to the lake so I could run the trail and meet everyone there. To top it off he made a trail friend who lent us their bug spray and even ended up coming the show.

If that isn’t a clean sweep I don’t know what is.

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