Day 36: Bend


Yesterday we did an eight hour drive to Bend, Oregon, taking the I5 up through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and then Highway 97 past the Crater Lake and Winema National Forest.

Tristan took a plus one for the breakfast recommendation which was Granzella’s Deli in the town of Williams. I ordered a Clubhouse sandwich.

We ticked two items off the tour photo bingo list which were evidence of forest fire and snowy mountain.

The scorched remains left by the Delta Fire in September 2018.

Mount Shasta.

Not quite a faucet of the day but still a well labelled piece of equipment.

In the evening we finished watching Stranger Things 3 and I also joined Girl Friday in viewing a couple of episodes of the reality series Rock Of Love.

Warning, this contains spoilers and graphic violence.

Brett Michaels searches for his Rock of Love

Tristan effortlessly took out Beth of the day with his breakast stop and for folding my washing. Simple but effective, nice work mate.

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