Day 35: Sacramento


Yesterday we did a very short drive to Sacramento, I saw some trains, and we played an intimate gig at Harlow’s

We ate breakfast at Nancy’s Airport Cafe, next to the bustling Willows Airport. I ordered steak and eggs with a side of hash.

We arrived in Sacramento nice and early so I had time for a hot run along the banks of the Sacramento River.

I passed through the old waterfront district and saw a few nice locomotives.

I also passed by the Tower Bridge, my bridge of the day. Completed in 1935, it is a steel truss design with a vertical lift section in the middle that when raised provides a 30m vertical clearance above the high tide mark. It has a total length of 225m and a longest span of 64m and is currently configured for four automobile lanes.

The lift span weighs 1,040 tonnes but through the use of counterweights located in each tower is able to be raised with two 75kw electric motors.

The bridge was originally painted with a silver aluminium paint but complaints about the glare it created led to it being repainted a yellow-ochre colour in 1976. In 2001 all residents who lived within 56km of the capitol were allowed to vote on a new colour scheme and it was repainted all gold (the other choices were green, gold and silver, or burgandy, silver and gold). Some people complained that the paint was not as gilded as advertised.

My deepest condolences go to the I Street Bridge which is a magnificent structure but didn’t quite make the cut.

To be honest I couldn’t say it better than Demeatric Lewis.

The I Street Bridge. Five stars from one review.

Our show at Harlow’s was one of the best of the tour. Girl Friday delivered perhaps their most screaming performance and we had a heap of fun playing to a wonderful audience in a very intimate space.

Beth of the day goes to Ben. He started off with a minus 1 for a post-checkout shave but quickly recovered by remembering Tristan’s coffee mug which he left in the motel room. This was soon followed up with a great breakfast spot at which he placed a mean order of steak and eggs. He took a great video of a squirrel eating a soft serve and then later on remembered to bring Tristan’s can of seltzer water to the park when we played cricket. To top it off he babysat Sierra’s water bottle all day after she left it at the show in Chico.

What a list Ben, save some for the rest of us.

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