Day 33: San Francisco


Yesterday we fearlessly continued up the 101 to San Francisco and played a sold-out show at The Independent.

The motel owner really exaggerated the freshness of the pastries and muffins in the breakfast spread.

It was a nice long drive with plenty of time for Jono to score points by putting on some great podcasts and giving us an excellent lunch recommendation.

Sadly we didn’t get time to experience San Francisco to the fullest but we did enjoy the abundance of four-way stops, something we don’t get to enjoy nearly enough in New Zealand.

Beth of the day was hotly contested yesterday. Liz gained a strong consolation point when she endured an embarassing scenario with grace.

She then followed it up with another scorcher while trying to discover if she had drawn blood after biting her tongue.

Jono fought back with the two points I mentioned earlier.

Our booking agent Brian took us out to dinner and Liz and Jono each added another point to the board.

Jono pulled ahead at the last moment though by giving our unused dinner buyout money to Ariel View when they didn’t get given a buyout by the venue.

Congratulations to both of you for such a thrilling contest. You are both winners in my eyes.

1 thought on “Day 33: San Francisco”

  1. Thank you for coming to visit us in San Francisco. This time we brought some friends who had never seen The Beths before, and they were thoroughly delighted, as expected. Enjoy the rest of the tour.


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