Day 32: Santa Barbara


Yesterday we had breakfast with Jake and Apple before driving up the heavily-congested Route 101 to Santa Barbara.

We went to the Muddy Paw in Eagle Rock and I ate a mushroom Empinada.

After a quick doughnut stop, followed by a pizza stop we got on our way and after three hours amongst some of California’s most careless drivers we somehow made it to our destination unscathed.

Unfortunately we arrived too late to go to the beach so we still have no proof that Santa Barbara is as beautiful as everyone says it is.


I completely forgot to take photos yesterday so to help preserve the balance that makes this blog visually appealing I asked each member of the band to provide one picture.

📸 Elizabeth Stokes

📸 Tristan Deck

📸 Benjamin Sinclair

📸 Jonathan Pearce

Beth of the day goes to Apple Bagios for self care (sleeping in after a late night), for having a good cat (George), for a great pizza recommendation (mushroom and rosemary from Town Pizza), and for a great doughnut flavour recommendation (Youth Brulée from Donut Friend).

What a good strong win, Apple!!!


📸 Tristan Deck

2 thoughts on “Day 32: Santa Barbara”

  1. Indeed, that trip from LA to Santa Barbara typically involves some heinous drivers over a very long period of time. Nice views, tho.

    Apparently Liz is a Jeff Elliott fan? Nice picture.


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