Day 31: Los Angeles


Yesterday was a very special day. Jonathan made an extravagant breakfast to celebrate my 100th breakfast and travel update. Later on we played a sold-out show at the Bootleg Theatre.

Jonathan’s elaborate spread consisted of mimosas, coffee, baguette, tomato, lime, coriander, deconstructed salsa, bacon, pineapple, walnuts, and goat’s cheese.

I would like to give an extremely warm thank you to Jono for going to such great efforts to honour my humble publication.

After polishing off Jonathan’s buffet Tristan and I went shopping and ended up with new drink bottles and a new pair of running shoes for me. I reluctantly threw away my treasured Inov-8s and replaced them with a brand new pair of Merrells.

The show at the Bootleg was heaps of fun and the audience was exceptionally warm with both Girl Friday and Ariel View enjoying a home-field advantage.

Left to right: Jonathan Pearce, Elizabeth Stokes, Jacob Snell, Benjamin Sinclair, Apple Bagios, Tristan Deck.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for going to far too much trouble for the 100th breakfast celebration, for opting out of a cup of coffee because there wasn’t enough for everyone, and for sourcing a replacement pickle for Liz after hers fell on the floor during dinner.

Congratulations on your Beth of the day hat-trick Jonathan. You really chased this one down and made it stick. It’s so good to see you get this fella in the bag.

I would like to sincerely thank both my friends in The Beths and all of my readers for your support over the last 100 posts. It is always a joy to be able to share our experiences and try and discover the deeper meanings behind each simple breakfast or humble bridge.

Deepest cheers,



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