Day 29: Los Angeles


Yesterday we arrived in Los Angeles and spent the day getting out of the airport/being exhausted.

I had a sad plane breakfast of potatoes, mushrooms, egg solids, and baked beans, with a side of low-fat yoghurt, and a muffin.

We landed at LAX around 9am and after making it through immigration unscathed headed to Avis to pick up our van. Liz did us the honour of naming our new van Vantaray, a Ford Transit XLT which is the same make and model as James Van der Beek so I won’t bore you with repeating the specifications.

Tristan did a great job of ticking off ‘Dog In Driver’s Seat’ from our tour bingo list twice in one day 😮

In the evening we went out for Tacos with our wonderful managers/best friends Jake and Apple from Monster Management who have also generously let us sleep in their lounge and share their beautiful cat George.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for beating everyone through immigration and loading the trolleys with all off our luggage, for starting the day with responsible portions of Copper Dog whiskey for everyone, and for making me a carefully crafted mouthful of his ‘Southern Decadence’ at the Britespot Diner.

Jono ‘getting the day started’.

A ‘carefully crafted mouthful’, courtesy of Jonathan Pearce.

Sensational stuff Jono, when you’re on, you’re on.

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