Day 26: Travel day


Yesterday we spent most of the day traveling the rest of the way to Byron Bay.

I had breakfast on the flight to Melbourne which was crepes filled with Ricotta and topped with Walnuts and breakfast syrup.

In Melbourne we transferred to a domestic flight to Brisbane and from there drove a rental car to North Byron Parklands where Splendour In The Grass is held.

Tristan did a marvelous job, remembering to drive on the left the entire way despite repeatedly activating his wipers instead of the indicators.

Splendour in the grass festival.

Big news from the world of social media – Liz was Instagram verified yesterday! Thanks for all of your wonderful behind-the-scenes work Jacob Snell!

We were all a bit messed-up from the flights but I managed to just stay awake long enough to watch Courtney Barnett and Childish Gambino.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan. When the coffee shop at the airport accidentally made only one of our flat-whites double-shot he selflessly drank the weaker specimen. He proved himself again by driving our van skilfully and safely around the festival campgrounds and for not getting angry at how hard it was to find an official that knew where we were supposed to park. Booking himself a free massage a day in advance gave Tristan a self-care point and he steamed away from the rest of the pack after getting a pinball highscore.

Lovely example of a nice four point spread, thanks for your hard work Tristan.

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