Day 24: Denver, pt 2


Yesterday we did a radio session for Colorado public radio, and in the evening played a show at the Globe Hall.

The hotel breakfast was palatable for a change and I had scrambled egg tacos with a side of porridge.

We did an interview in the morning and then bought some snacks from Voodoo Doughnut and ate them in the nearby park.

In the afternoon we recorded four songs for Indy 102.3 fm at their lavishly equipped studio which I forgot to photograph.

I’ve had so much great feedback about my last faucet of the day that I’ve decided to follow it up with another entry. The Philly Phanatic Throws Up’ (named and operated here by Liz Stokes) is a single cylinder ceramic disc valve design with a 102mm spout reach and maximum flow rate of 4.5 l/min at 60psi. Although the lack of a large lever makes it difficult to attain precise temperatures or water volumes it does do a great job of shooting the water right into the plug-hole, even with a completely horizontal angle-of-dishcharge.

Is there another word for plug hole? I can’t think right now. It seems quite clumsy.

The show at Globe Hall was a good one. We enjoyed great BBQ and delicious local beers before playing to a sold-out room of 250.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for making good jokes in the interview even though she was grumpy, for getting Tristan a good surprise doughnut, for getting close to a squirrel, and for going to the bakery for emergency snacks when everyone was getting hangry at soundcheck.

It’s nice to see four well-earned points up on the board! Good work Liz!

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Denver, pt 2”

  1. Ben, it is such a joy to read these updates, and I can only hope that when you come to play for us in San Francisco, our faucets are up to par. I can tell you that we do at least have two excellent bridges (and many average bridges).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Delightful post.
    1. Immediately thought of ‘Big Bad Voodoo Donuts’…
    2. Drain hole, perhaps?
    3. I reckon simply the association of a water faucet with the Philly Phanatic would have put Liz on top of the pile for BOTD.


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