Day 23: Denver


Yesterday we drove west across Nebraska to get to Denver, Colorado. We had a night off and went for dinner with Girl Friday.

The hotel breakfast was extremely bleak so we went to a local deli for breakfast. I had a Turkey and Pesto sandwich.The drive wasn’t super-exciting but we did tick combine harvester off of our tour bingo list.The scenery mostly looked like this.But at times looked like this.We visited Ratio Beerworks for dinner and drinks. Grant, one of the brewery owners let us try all of their beers and showed us around the premises.The faucet of the day as named by Liz is ‘Robot Sneeze’. It’s simple raw brass finish complements the elegant marble sink without overstating itself. The hidden sensor responds within seconds of your hand reaching it’s proximity and discharges a jet of water right into the sweet-spot of the bowl. Multiple discharge points mean that the Robot Sneeze can be approached and operated from anywhere in the 180 degree arc of the sink.Beth of the day goes to Ben. He chose a really good sandwich for Tristan and bought him a packet of jalapeno crisps to go with it. At a rest-stop break he found the van keys in the rubbish bin after Tristan unknowingly discarded them with his coffee cup in a rush to get to the bathroom.

Good job Ben. One man’s minus one is another man’s plus one.

3 thoughts on “Day 23: Denver”

    1. A quick peek at Google maps reveals there is but one major river crossing on that route, in North Platte, Nebraska. It appears to be equally unimpressive to the landscapes in the region. On the other hand, I’ve never seen the words ‘robot’ and ‘sneeze’ juxtaposed, so this post featuring it and including a brewery pic was yet another winner in my eyes.


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