Day 20: Des Moines


Yesterday we drove across the plains of Iowa to Des Moines to play at 80/35 festival.

For breakfast I had porridge with banana.

The drive was long, straight, and flat, and now we know why Iowa is part of the ‘Corn Belt’.

We stopped off in the town of Eldon to see the house featured in Grant Wood’s famous painting American Gothic.

While we were there we ticked another item of our tour photo bingo list after we all managed to agree on some Pretty Flowers.

80/35 Festival was a fun show. We saw Liz Phair play and also spotted a hotdog car.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for suggesting the obscure but interesting sightseeing stop, and for only letting us watch one episode of Stranger Things so we could get an early night and wake up early to watch the cricket final in the morning.

Good on you Liz for sticking to your guns and not being afraid to make a tough call.

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