Day 18: Indiana, pt 2


Yesterday we slept in, played a great gig, and went to a Tiki bar.

I woke up and watched England completely destroy Australia in the Cricket World Cup semifinal before falling asleep again for a few hours. For breakfast I ate some leftover potato salad.

We played at a venue called Hi⚡Fi, which coincidentally had the best sound of the tour so far. The back of the stage was fitted with superb acoustic baffling which Jonathan said was “something I’ve been waiting my whole life to see”.

After the show we went to a Tiki bar with Girl Friday and enjoyed a flaming bowl cocktail.

Beth of the day goes to Sierra Scott (Girl Friday). Tristan made a strong case by paying for dinner after Liz and Jono forget their wallets, and for driving so smoothly that when Jono left his phone on the bonnet that it stayed there until he realised several blocks later.

Sierra had a good day though. She bought and wore an amazing new dress, she sold lots of Beths merch while we were playing, she lent Jono her guitar after he broke a string, and she recommended the Tiki bar.

Congratulations Sierra on besting four experiencenced Beths to win your first title 🏆

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