Day 17: Indiana


Yesterday we had a day off and we drove to Indianapolis. We played cricket and started watching Stranger Things 3.

I foolishly woke up early to catch the free hotel breakfast. I had a biscuit with gravy, a biscuit with sausage and bacon, a few pieces of potato, a bowl of muesli, a pottle of yoghurt, and an orange.

I watched the last half of the Black Caps vs India game and afterwards I was a very happy man. I would like to thank Martin Guptill for the best run-out I’ve seen all tournament.

After the game I went for a run and checked out the campus of Ohio State University. The University Stadium is the third largest on-campus stadium in the US, with an official capacity of 105,000.

📸 Ohio State News

Ohio Stadium has been ranked No. 2 in ‘Best Atmosphere’, by ESPN Football analyst Mel Kiper Jr. The University football team the Buckeyes also scored the No. 2 spot in Mel’s ranking of ‘Best Uniforms/Helmets’.

📸 Jay LaPrete

Mel Kiper Jr.

Ever wonder why road repairs in the US are a shambles? This vehicle is why.

We created a new segment yesterday called Jono’s Surprise Drink, where Jono buys you a surprise drink.

Simply Lemonade, with Raspberry.

V8 Spicy Hot.

Simply Cranberry Cocktail.

In the evening we watched the first episode of Stranger Things 3.

Beth of the day goes to Martin Guptill for a real ‘speccy’ of a wicket at the end of the NZ-India game.

Congratulations Martin both for earning this accolade and for your part in helping New Zealand win the World Cup semifinal, against the greatest of odds.


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