Day 15: Akron


Yesterday we ticked off a tour bingo item, ate at a drive in, and played a gig at Musica in Akron, Ohio.

Jonathan delivered a superb breakfast recommendation which was Remedy House (4.8 stars, 189 reviews), on Rhode Island St, Buffalo. I had an ‘Egg on a roll, add prosciutto’.

On the drive to Akron we saw a blimp and ticked it off of our tour bingo list.

Todd Hyman the head of our label Carpark Records flew in to watch a couple of our shows and we picked him up from Cleveland airport on the way to the venue.

We played a great game of cricket in the alleyway. Here is a video of Todd demonstrating his batting dominance.

After the show we went to eat with Girl Friday at the drive-in restaurant Swensons. I asked Liz to order me the most interesting milkshake she could think of and she came up with Mocha-Lemon.

Beth of the day goes to Liz for having a great innings in the cricket game, and for choosing a good milkshake flavour.

Great work Liz. You’ll always be No.1 in the Beths batting order.

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