Day 14: Buffalo


Yesterday we crossed back into the US and played a show in Buffalo, NY.

I had a hotel breakfast consisting of a sesame bagel with ham and egg, a waffle topped with strawberries and granola, and a boiled egg.

We stopped for petrol in the town of Spencerville, Ontario, and saw the old Spencerville Grist Mill.

Our border crossing was surprisingly easy and we didn’t even have to get out of the van. We crossed at Thousand Islands which meant that we got to experience the spectacular Thousand Islands Bridge System (4.4 stars from 98 reviews).

The system consists of three bridges which carry two lanes of traffic across the St Lawrence River. The most impressive of these is the one on the Canadian side of the border which is comprised of a two-span continuous through-truss, a steel deck arch, and a traditional three-span suspension structure. The total length of this bridge is 704m with the longest span of the suspension section 229m.

It was designed by David Steinman and constructed in 1938. Around this time many engineers including Steinman theorised that suspension bridges didn’t need as much stiffening as had previously been thought. When the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed in 1940 this theory was proved incorrect and Steinman’s firm was rehired to retrofit the Thousand Island Bridges with Cable Stays and Braces in order to prevent a collapse.


We played a nice intimate venue called the Ninth Ward, located under an old church that has been repurposed into an arts centre.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for talking us through the border crossing, making a good dinner recommendation, and doing a good signature.

Congratulations on the hat trick!

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