Day 13: Ottawa


Yesterday we played the Ottawa Blues Festival in Canada’s capital.

For breakfast I had a Tim Horton’s Beyond Sausage™ Lettuce Tomato. Yes, that is the real colour of the tomato.

We arrived in Ottawa mid-afternoon and did a soundcheck, and soon after played a set on the Videotron stage. The sun was shining in on us and Liz’s guitar was so hot it went out of tune during every song. Tristan went through three water bottles and one ginger ale.

Afterwards we did a merch signing and then watched Canadian band Pup play on the main stage. They were excellent but the sound was quite rough.

We made the most of the festival catering and then Liz headed off to watch her childhood heroes Taking Back Sunday, while the rest of us played a few balls of cricket.

📸 Spotted by Tristan Deck: Someone pressed all of the buttons in the elevator at our hotel.

For today’s feature I will be ranking all of the brands of chocolate milk available in New Zealand.

1. Puhoi Real Belgian Chocolate Milk.

2. Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk.

For my second feature I will be ranking the different ways to consume a beer.

1. From a glass

2. From a can

3. From a bottle

4. Removed for violating community guidelines.

Beth of the day goes to Ben for doing the best autograph, getting the most rides in a golf cart, and bowling Jono out with a blistering Yorker.

Nice one Ben. Congratulations on your achievements and thanks for letting us know the correct rankings for those beverages.

Editor’s note: it is incorrect to drink beer from a plastic cup filled with ice, therefore I was forced to remove submission 4.

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Ottawa”

  1. I’m shocked – shocked – that the chocolate milk containing Whittaker’s chocolate placed 2nd out of 2, but I’m sure there are reasons. Might a more expansive analysis of each contender’s pros and cons be forthcoming? Also, I think this is Ben’s ranking; I wonder if there is consensus among the squad?


    1. Hi Keith

      This is not a slight against Whittaker’s chocolate which I believe is the finest in the world. The Puhoi product is simply superior.
      I find that Lewis Road is overly sweet

      and doesn’t reflect the careful sweetness/richness/bitterness balance that Whittaker’s Milk Chocolate has worked so hard to achieve.

      Puhoi balances a rich, deep dark chocolate flavour with a full fat milk that provides an incredible mouth feel and doesn’t need any extra sweetening.


      1. Thanks, Ben, for the additional commentary. Hopefully, the tongue-in-cheekness of my “shocked – shocked” came across because I agree: Whittaker’s is the finest chocolate I’ve ever had.

        I will make a point to try Puhoi when/if I’m able to visit NZ again. Your excellent description has sparked a craving. I appreciate it!


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