Day 10: Detroit


Yesterday we drove on the I96 East, from Grand Rapids, to Detroit, Michigan.

For breakfast I had a roast beef and onion sandwich on a pretzel roll.

On the way to Detroit we watched the tragic Black CapsEngland game. My condolences go to Kane Williamson for his undeserving dismissal.

My congratulations go to Trent Boult for hitting a four against Adil Rashid in the last over of the match.

We played at a venue called El Club. The show went really well and almost made us feel better.

We somehow did the best autographs of our careers.

The one really good thing that came out of the day was Jonathan getting involved in managing the merchandise. He made an absolutely beauty of a spreadsheet to help us keep track of how much stock we have.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan for improving all of our lives with his spreadsheet, and for learning a new formula in the process.

Congratulations Jonathan. I love watching you over-achieve at every task you do.

Here is a little bonus footage that didn’t make the final cut.

2 thoughts on “Day 10: Detroit”

  1. Well done Ben. You have the most astute observations and comments on everything.
    Just wondering, re ‘tour photo bingo list’ perhaps you could add “fresh green veges served on a plate” (as a scurvy preventative).
    Sorry to hear about James van de Beek being ‘rear ended’ just glad you’re all okay.


    1. Hello Anon, thanks for your comment.

      The rules of tour photo bingo require that the objects be photographed from inside the van. I know that we have some very difficult items on our list but we feel that ‘fresh green veges on a plate’ is completely unachievable, so regrettably we have decided to to include it.


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