Day 4: Spring Green


Yesterday we drove to Spring Green, Wisconsin, and played at the Sh⭐tty Barn.

We were subjected to another brutal hotel breakfast and I punished myself with an English muffin loaded with a meat patty and an egg disc.

On the way to Spring Green we stopped at the House On The Rock, the pet project of the late millionaire Alex Jordan Jr. The house sits atop Deer Shelter Rock, an 18m rock column that looks out over the Wyoming Valley. It’s fourteen rooms are filled with an eclectic mix of antiques and other objects, most of which are replicas and imitations that Jordan purchased or created himself.

The Infinity Room which juts out 66m from the house, and has over 3000 panels of glass.

One of the many music robots.

We arrived at the Sh⭐tty Barn and did an efficient soundcheck allowing us to fit in a nice big game of cricket before the show. I had a good innings and received the man of the match award.

Madison band Proud Parents joined us for cricket and then played a ripping opening set.

After the show we had a couple of games of pool against the venue staff and managed to hold our own thanks to Liz’s strong leadership and accurate shots.

Liz quietly and confidently won Beth of the day yesterday. She chose a great podcast for our van ride, she was so enthusiastic about the cheese curds included in our rider that the venue staff bought us another bag, and then she completely carried our team in the pool game.

Today we are all proud parents….of your achievements Liz 👨‍👩‍👧

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Spring Green”

  1. We had egg discs in Vancouver at our hotel! Is that the name for these most manufactured of egg thingies – or are they so named by The Beths? I was calling them eggy ufos and wondered if they had a type of weaving machine that produced hundreds a second in a factory? They’re almost like felt.


    1. I couldn’t tell your their official name but I felt that egg discs was a pretty good description. I think if you were to ask a commercial kitchen to prepare this product for you you would ask for maybe 10,000 egg discs, 60% whole egg, 30% water, 5% sugar, 5% salt, 90mm diameter by 4mm thickeness.


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