Day 3: Green Bay


Yesterday we drove to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and played at Gather on Broadway.

Tristan and I started our day with a run and then we subjected ourselves to our first hotel breakfast of the tour. I had a cream-cheese and jam bagel and some sort of sugary cereal.

I forgot to photograph my bagel but I found a photo of one that looks similar.

We watched the second innings of the Blackcaps-Pakistan game while we were in the van on the way to Greenbay, and then we lamented together after the tragic loss.

I would like to thank Jimmy Neesham for a wonderful straight drive on the penultimate ball of his innings. I would also like to thank Martin Guptill for two excellent catches, and Kane Williamson for making the most of the slow wicket and bowling some ripe spinners.

Congratulations to Pakistan on their well-deserved win.

Gather on Broadway is a killer venue and the staff treated us wonderfully. Our rider was packed with all of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we had been craving, and some of the best Oreos I’ve ever eaten. There was even a wifi network named after us 😮

There was a fresh shipment of merch waiting for us when we arrived and Tristan earned himself a strong point by sorting all of the unlabelled socks into their different sizes.

We were treated to a beautiful dinner and then played a fairly respectable first show of the tour. Tristan earned another point during the pack-out for discovering that the bass amp fits perfectly under the backseat.

I’m very happy to introduce my faucet of the day, the Twist & Tug. The T&T allows you to set the temperature you require before you start the flow of water, and then provides a huge amount of tactile feedback with a decisive pull-switch.

Beth of the day goes to Tristan for sock sorting and amp stowing.

Time for the rest of the Beths to try a bit harder so we don’t see any more hat tricks.

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