Day 2, Chicago pt. 2


Yesterday we spent the day in a rehearsal room learning a few new songs and trying to get better at playing the old ones.

Liz gave us all a great start to our day with a strong breakfast recommendation. We went to Nini’s Deli on Noble Street and had Cuban sandwiches. Mine was filled with beans, egg, avocado, and banana.

It was great to hold our instruments again and it was really thrilling to do some more work on Liz’s new songs. We will be incorporating a few of these new ones into our setlists over the next month.

The rehearsal was more fun than it looks in this photo.

We had deep dish pizza for dinner and then Tristan and I drove to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset. While we were there Tristan made the most of the perfect lighting and did a photoshoot with James Van Der Beek.

On the way to the lake we spotted a deer which meant we could tick off a second box on our tour bingo list. It wasn’t one of the more difficult items to find but was a definite morale boost considering how badly we have been doing so far.

Liz gets Beth of the day because nobody came close to doing anything as good as her breakfast stunt.

Nice work Liz. Strong and simple.

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