Day 29: Barcelona


Yesterday we played our last show of the tour at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

I didn’t make it to the hotel breakfast because we had an early flight to Barcelona. I ate some cherry tomatoes during the drive from Tilburg to Amsterdam airport.

We landed in the early afternoon and went straight to the hotel to meet our manager Jake and his wonderful wife Apple. On the ride from the airport we ticked our first item off the ‘tour photo bingo’ list.

Jake and Apple took us out for some great Tapas, Apple scoring an easy +1 for a good food recommendation.

Our show was at the Sala Apolo, and was part of the Primavera Sound afterparty. The room was packed and the audience were incredibly energetic considering that some of them had probably been awake for three days straight.

Soundchecking at Sala Apolo.

This was the amazing poster for our show, by artist Sabrina Gabrielli

I would like to congratulate Apple Bagios on winning her first Beth of the day.

Jono, Liz, Tristan, and I all got our bags searched at airport security which was a firm -1 and we never really had a chance to recover. Jake was looking good on a +1 for having a travel adaptor so I could charge my phone, but Apple swooped in with another point for lending Jono an earing so he could open the sim card tray on his phone.

You did a fine Job Apple. Not everyone wins Beth of the day on their first try.

I’m sad to say that this will be the last blog entry for a while. We are staying on in Spain for a month’s holiday and then in July we head to the US for more breakfasts and more shows.

I should be publishing again by the 27th June.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.


1 thought on “Day 29: Barcelona”

  1. Wishing you all a very happy holiday, may you enjoy unwinding in sunny, relaxed Spain. Thank you for your entertaining presentations of The Beths daily news. I too love the poster of Liz wrangling the enthusiastic dogs. Perfect. Xxx

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