Day 28: Tilburg


Yesterday we drove an hour to Tilburg in the Southern Netherlands where we played at Best Kept Secret festival.

The hotel breakfast was another good one. I had tomato, cucumber, cheese, hams, bacon scrunched, sausage, small pancake, boiled egg, croissant, and brown bread.

We got on the road straight after breakfast and made it to Tilburg right on time for soundcheck. We were the first band of the day, playing at 12.30pm, which gave us the rest of the day to enjoy an amazing lineup of bands and an open bar.

📷 Vitaly Zimin.

I saw a swathe of bands I had been waiting to see for a long time including Hop Along, Lucy Dacus, and Snail Mail.

Beth of the day goes to Jonathan. He saved me a plate of lunch because the catering was going to close, he negotiated with the dressing room staff to hold on to it for me, he gave me the last Aperol Spritzer when the bar ran out of Aperol, and he cleaned and wiped out our van.

It has taken you a while to get warmed up Jono but I feel like you’re going to destroy it next tour.

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